Is it safe?

12 Apr

In the future (they said) you won’t need to remember anything.

Locally accessible terminals would let you download the information you need, and forget the rest.

Except… the “future” is now. People are willingly uploading their ideas to a vague collective consciousness.

“Join the revolution,” the chorus of voices whisper in the dark. “Give your ideas to us.”

“But what if it’s not safe?” he asks ,squinting into the shadows. “If I lose my ideas, I lose everything.”

“Don’t worry,” the voices reply in unison. “Great storage keeps your thoughts safer than if they were locked in your own mind.”


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Quantum of Thou…

18 May

Quantum of Thought is pleased to welcome aboard a new Word Scientist, Auntie Em. Breaking with tradition, Em prefers to go with a two- rather than one-letter moniker, but we’ll let her have that one because she writes great stories :)

Welcome to the Lab, Em!