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Character Names

7 May

A rare non-fic piece from me. Just wanted to share something that has amused me recently.

I’m from Norfolk, which is chock full of villages with interesting names. Places like Wymondham (Wind-um) and Happisburgh (Hays-bra), and my old school Costessey (Cossy) are quite famous for being rather strangely spelt. A recent holiday to Devon and Cornwall has also thrown up some good ones. In fact driving in the country anywhere in the UK is now a source of inspiration!

However, there are some brilliant names that would make equally brilliant character names. Either the two worded ones such as Stratton Strawless or Newton Flotman, or seeing two villages together on a sign works just as well. Torrington Winkleigh particularly tickled me this weekend!

So hopefully at some point, I’ll have some stories featuring Sticklepath Chagford or Tedburn St Mary. The list goes on and on. Look out for village character names near you!