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A long hiatus…

12 Apr

Well, it’s been a long time since the Thinkers were active and posting new papers to the site. This is something we intend to change, but in the meantime, we have an announcement.

We are pleased to welcome a new Thinker to our faculty. Zoe Goodacre, or Ms Z as she’ll be known here, is a drabbler who has recently been picked up to write for Forbes and provide an interesting slant on tech news by publishing short fiction inspired by real-life actual tech stories on their NetApp pages.

In addition, Mrs G is planning to start a new series of short stories with a common theme. “Send to Spam” will be an ongoing, occasional series bringing inspiration from an unlikely source.

Thanks for still following us, even though we’ve been quiet. We’re looking forward to getting going with some more regular Thoughts in the coming weeks.


Quantum of Thou…

18 May

Quantum of Thought is pleased to welcome aboard a new Word Scientist, Auntie Em. Breaking with tradition, Em prefers to go with a two- rather than one-letter moniker, but we’ll let her have that one because she writes great stories :)

Welcome to the Lab, Em!