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19 Apr

“Meatball Marinara.”

“What bread would you like?”

“All of it.”

“I’m sorry?”

“All of it.”

The green-and-white clad employee looked confused.

“We have Italian, Herbs and Cheese, Wheat…”

“I said, I want all of it.”

“I’m sorry, sir. I don’t understand,” said the employee, shifting uncomfortably. “You need to choose which bread you want what size.”

The customer gave the employee a look that could wilt roses.

“I want the Meatball Marinara on all of the bread you have. To go.”


At home with his sandwiches, the customer looked disappointed.

“This doesn’t feel like much of a party,” he muttered.


(post inspired by this piece of spam, which arrived in my junk email today. I mean, who needs $100 worth of sandwiches?!)

Your $100 Subway Gift Card is Ready. Details Inside - - Gmail (2)


Is it safe?

12 Apr

In the future (they said) you won’t need to remember anything.

Locally accessible terminals would let you download the information you need, and forget the rest.

Except… the “future” is now. People are willingly uploading their ideas to a vague collective consciousness.

“Join the revolution,” the chorus of voices whisper in the dark. “Give your ideas to us.”

“But what if it’s not safe?” he asks ,squinting into the shadows. “If I lose my ideas, I lose everything.”

“Don’t worry,” the voices reply in unison. “Great storage keeps your thoughts safer than if they were locked in your own mind.”


See the original post over at Forbes NetAppVoice

A long hiatus…

12 Apr

Well, it’s been a long time since the Thinkers were active and posting new papers to the site. This is something we intend to change, but in the meantime, we have an announcement.

We are pleased to welcome a new Thinker to our faculty. Zoe Goodacre, or Ms Z as she’ll be known here, is a drabbler who has recently been picked up to write for Forbes and provide an interesting slant on tech news by publishing short fiction inspired by real-life actual tech stories on their NetApp pages.

In addition, Mrs G is planning to start a new series of short stories with a common theme. “Send to Spam” will be an ongoing, occasional series bringing inspiration from an unlikely source.

Thanks for still following us, even though we’ve been quiet. We’re looking forward to getting going with some more regular Thoughts in the coming weeks.