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20 Jul

Peter has had enough of modern life, so he’s given it up.

He’s sold his house, his car, quit his job and moved to the wilderness. The pursuit of the almighty dollar bores him; he wants only the pursuit of food and shelter to fill his mind.

Peter looks around his little valley with satisfaction.

“Home, sweet home” He chuckles at the cliché and sits down to continue whittling a new spoon.

His phone buzzed, “Twitter: New mentions

This new life was perfect. Plentiful game and foraging, beautiful rolling countryside and really good 3G. What more could a man need?


Life-threatening condition

1 Jul

“I’m sorry. There’s no cure.”

Caitlin was shell-shocked. Not unlike other kids, she’d often wished for superpowers. This, though? This was less superpower, more catastrophe waiting to happen.

The government scientist in the secret lab beneath the Science Museum said she was “apocaleptic”. Her seizures could trigger anything from small tremors in the earth to huge earthquakes. Somehow her brainwaves caused tectonic shifts, meaning she could cause a mass-casualty event just by fitting.

Having power meant being in control; she was far from in control.

“Why couldn’t I just have x-ray vision?” she wondered as the sedation pulled her under.