Bad News

13 Apr

“What? How can that have happened?”

Her eyes, glazed with tears, stared back at the enormous messenger.

His own eyes were large and sad, and stared back; two pools of blackness. He was holding the message  that would bring horrible news in a few impassive lines from a faceless official. The massive face of the messenger was anything but impassive. His eyes summed up his whole demeanour. Large and sad.

It was the face of one who’d delivered tragic messages and cared deeply for each recipient, but powerless to prevent the emotional damage he had to inflict.

It wasn’t an obvious career for someone of his kind. Some were frightened by his sudden and shocking appearance, but were soon soothed by those eyes. His presence was imposing at first, but he soon seemed to melt into the background when the news sunk in.

He did it because someone had to, and he did it as best he could.

He handed the message to the woman. Her trembling hand reached for the envelope.

“Thank you” she said instinctively. The messenger simply shrugged.

“Sorry to be the bear of bad news” he replied sadly. He turned, dropped to his four paws and slowly padded away.


One Response to “Bad News”

  1. Steve Green 16 April 2012 at 18:27 #

    Hahaha! The bear of bad news? Love it!! :)

    Is he related to The Care Bares? :)

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