End of the Line

8 Mar

3.8 billion years ago, two amino acids were quietly going about their business when they collided and something quite startling happened.

From this humble and rather baffling beginning, everything began. Everything, that is, that relates to life on this planet anyway. Protocells were formed and split themselves. Weird groups of cells got together and managed to split themselves and make more weird groups of cells. It was all highly unlikely, but it happened anyway.

Then one of these basic forms of life had the great idea of sex. It turned out to be really rather a good idea, mixing up gene pools and accelerating the processes of evolution. It was quite fun too.

For millions of generations two creatures managed to find one another, get off and knock out a couple of kids. Even the really ugly ones managed it. They all did it so that their kids could do it so that their kids could do it. They all survived long enough to do the dirty, and that was all that was important.

Billions of organisms over millions of years. Too many to properly be able to think about. Life begets life. That’s what life is all about.

Linda snuggled up to her husband.

“Do you think you’ll ever want kids?” She asked.


And that was that.


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